Lost In Jungle

One of the coolest pixel game that comes with a unique theme is here for the fans of adventures and jungles! Challenge your ability to survive in Lost In Jungle, an arcade pixel game which has been rated with the best scores by many players here at y8 online games. It's a classic game with the old-school design and pixelated characters. You, in the role of a powerful wizard in the jungle, are lost.

The misty jungle is dangerous with so many monsters and creatures that will jump at you the moment your guard is down! If you happen to get lost in this misty jungle, how many days can you survive? In order to survive for as long as possible, we need you to move away from the creatures that are surrounding you.

Remember that you can only move 1 step during each of your turns, which means that if you don't come up with the best strategy to steer clear from the monsters, they will eat you up! There are four directions that you can move in this game at http://y8games.games/, ranging from W, N, E to S. Day by day, the positions and arrangement of these monsters will change.

If you manage to get through day 1, day 2 will be totally different with a whole new level of difficulty. Of course, no one can live forever in this jungle. What matters is how long you can keep going on! Bring your friends and join more adventures with other games like Tornado Bump 3D and Bombing Tactics.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to click on the direction that you want.