How good are your hand movement and estimation skills? In Leap, you need both of those skills to move swiftly on an extremely narrow path. On this platform, you will control a ball and move along the designated path. Since the path changes just a little bit to the left and right, the players have to adjust the position of the ball while moving forward.

There will be some white points that push the ball and make it bounce it to keep it moving. All you have to control is the lane and the direction that the ball moves on. It takes smooth control to land on the right side of the platforms as well. a relaxation arcade game which needs your skill.

The game speed will increase after you have played for a while, therefore, you need to master the rules at y8 shooting games. Also, when you manage to get the perfect landings, your scores will increase thanks to the bonuses and extra scores. Green stars also pop up randomly from time to time.

Try your best to gather those as well since they will help boost your scores a lot! It's a fun game with the easy yet entertaining gameplay which is suitable for kids of all ages! Even adults enjoy this as well! Why don't you try out this gaming experience to spice up your playtime? You can even play other games like Ship Factory Tycoon and Baby Race Galaxy for free later!

Instruction to play:

 Use the left and right arrow keys to control the direction of the ball.