Five Hoops

Welcome to an exciting new sports game just released Five Hoops at y8 for free 2020. This is a free online game that you can fully participate in your computer and mobile phone. Are you ready for the challenges in the game? You will appear at a basketball court with your opponents. Your task in this game is to throw the ball so that the ball hits the basket. Sounds simple right?

But the game has many challenges put forward. It requires you to have certain observations and skills. You aim and move your ball to the exact position that the game requires putting the ball into the basket to bring yourself a high score. If you are unlucky enough to take the ball out, then you will become a failure. Every time you complete the mission that the game will give you the distance will back away and you will have to throw the ball with a longer distance.

Racket up the previous levels so you really try to use all your skills and games to be able to successfully complete the tasks that the game loves and have the opportunity to become the best player from before now. Let's discover more great things that basketball game Five Hoops at gives you. Remember to share this game with your friends who are a friend if you join the game today to have the opportunity to become the best basketball players that really experience the match with the experienced opponents. Discover some other similar game genres like Number Maze and Swift Cats

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to overcome.