is an awesome multiplayer game based on the iconic Steve from Minecraft. This game is created for fans of Steve to play for free on y8 kid games. This fun io game features 2D pixel graphics and growable Steve's head from Minecraft that make you feel exhilarated when playing.

Before entering the arena, name your character and choose its skin. We have more than 15 characters for you to experience. Steve is holding a blasting competition in this game and every competitor must work hard to try and be crowned king of the contest. Your mission in this game is to move around the map to collect as many points as you need and pick the apples and diamonds appearing on the ground. The red bombs can help you create the explosion to eliminate your enemies in y8 2018 online games. You can plant 6 bombs at a time and you can push them in any direction you wish to destroy the opponents.

Don’t forget to collect the blue diamonds to increase in size. The killed rival splits into a lot of diamonds, collect them all to grow your body up faster. The more blue crystals you collect, the larger you are. In addition, you must avoid the opponent’s bombs or you will die and disappear. You can boost your speed to escape from the bombs faster but it costs your experience bar. You can see the location of all players on the minimap.

Another feature of this game is that you can undermine your own checker. Once you can throw 3 pieces at one, only after the explosion of one of them you can throw the new one.

We are very happy to see your assessment and comments. Please share the game with your friends to see who is the champion of this tournament. Join us on for more games like Type N’ Conquer and

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to throw TNT and use the right click to boost speed.