Find The Mummy

It's great if you can explore online game Find The Mummy at y8 free games to join the experience of extremely dangerous challenges but very attractive to players. What are you waiting for? Play the game now to have the opportunity to adventure in a dark and dangerous land. Are you confident to step through the obstacles in this game?

Not too hard for you to overcome. You will do well if you know the rules in this game. Your mission in this game is to help the character overcome obstacles in the dark land, a dangerous road awaits him. Overcome all to find mummies? What happens when he finds a mummy? Play and feel it. Extremely interesting game.

You need to use the right jump in this game. Because if you use it wrongly, you will fall into the water or dangerous abyss. And you will have to move back from the very beginning of the time. There will be many obstacles in this game, you will overcome them all, you will have the opportunity to find mummies.

And interesting things will await you! Will you overcome all the obstacles? Will you find the mummy? It all depends on your agility. With vivid graphic design, you will have the opportunity to enter the dangerous and fierce adventure. A dark land full of pitfalls is waiting for you.

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Instruction to play:

Use the scroll key to play the game.