Snap The Shape: Japan

For every level of Snap The Shape: Japan game online, the player will find the best way to arrange the different shapes and place them in the left pane of the screen. The best way for you to play this game is at y8 player games. The different shapes of the blocks will appear on the right and the players should move them to the left so that the final block is completed correctly. If you make a dump, you will have to restart the level again.


After arranging the blocks to the right place, you will complete the task and start the new difficult challenge. This game will help you to check your agility and intelligence. Players can control the time when joining this game. y8y8 games hint to players who love these puzzle games so they can explore in their spare time and have ideas for this game with different missions.


If you want to join the game with your friends or challenge them, start calculating the time to complete each task. The final winner will have the shortest time and complete the best alignment of the blocks and the correct position in the game. You are ready for this game at


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Instruction to play:

How to play:

Use left mouse to drag the blocks and find the right position in this game