Ice-Cream, Please!

Want ice cream? Bring the ice cream truck to you, for free, with the Ice Cream Please Y8. Tap to request ice cream now or let us alert you when an ice cream vendor is nearby.

You can even schedule the ice cream truck for a party or event. It's finally that easy to catch the ice cream man!

Let the ice-cream truck know you want your ice cream, tap the ICE CREAM PLEASE button, and we will alert the nearby ice cream vendors for you. Hang on tight and watch on the map as the truck comes to your street. Help the youngsters freshen themselves by serving them with ice-cream in Ice-Cream Y8Games Onlines, Please!

Own an ice cream truck or cart?
Login to the app as a vendor and let people know you are selling. No need to miss any more customers while driving your route. Know exactly where your customers are on the map and go to them. Start a free 30-day trial today and grow your business while you bring joy to everyone's day. If you like what the app brings to you, continue the subscription to keep the orders coming.

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