Monster Truck Madness

You love playing driving games? Monster Truck Madness is for you! This is a very crazy truck driving game in which your mission is to safely drive your monster truck up and over all of the mad tracks. So, are you ready? Get into your truck, turn on the gas and go! Here at y8 unblocked at school, you aim to go to the finish line without bumping and crashing.

This is a hard job. Your roads are full of obstacles and deadly traps, including rough wooden bridges and dangerous bombs. Then, the good eye-hand coordination is the key to master the game. Keep your eyes to observe and make use of all your driving skills. With each different road section, try to adjust your speed wisely so that you can always keep your balance when landing.

You also need to do some jumps and stunts to overcome hazards. Don’t forget to collect gold coins scattered along your way! The game offers you 8 challenging levels to conquer. Completing the current level is the only way to pass to the next level. So, will you go to the end of the game? Enjoy the game! If you want to play more driving games, you can try Farming Simulator and Aircraft Carrier Pilot Simulator.

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Instruction to play:

  • On the computer: Use arrow keys to drive; press Down arrow key to brake, Spacebar to jump.
  • On the mobile phone: Tap directly on the game screen to control your truck.