Mahjong Digital

Mahjong on Y8 is a rare occurrence, and another new puzzle game is guaranteed to delight enthusiasts of logical reasoning. We encourage you to play Mahjong Digital, a digital version of the classic mahjong game. Digital technologies are gradually replacing analog and infiltrating our lives, transforming them and making them both tougher and easier. Because digital circuitry carry signals without distortion, storing data became easier.

There are new technologies on the market, and it's hardly unexpected that even mahjong is going digital. Digital signs and graphics replace the traditional characters on the tiles, but the rules remain the same.

In the Mahjong Digital game, you must clear the field of all square elements by removing two identical, adjacent, or adjacent-to-each-other. Remove will not function if the path line is made up of other tiles, therefore click on a pair of squares and join their lines at right angles.

lay a game of Mahjong Digital and notice the green stripes at the top of the horizontal bar. If they lose their color, the game is over, and your locks are destroyed. The last record will be preserved if you get better results by playing it over and over again. Playing games on tablets or smartphones might help you relax while also training your brain, which is terrible for inaction. Have enjoy now on

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Instruction to play:

Make Mahjong matches and complete all the levels!