Happy Glass

What would you do to pour water from the tap into your water cup? Surely this will be an interesting task when you look for different paths so that the tap water can move without falling off. Happy Glass at y8 juegos has attracted players of different ages as you begin to finish the stroke and the tap begins to flow. If the glass is not full, you will have to continue painting until the glass is full. It is a happy cup and this intellectual game is very simple.


The game is suitable for different ages and you easily pass the level with many draws. If you lose, start over with a different drawing so water can flow into the cup and fill it. y8 .com also update a lot of new games with different themes to give players the opportunity to explore the world of fun and relaxation in their spare time. You can complete levels with multiple draws depending on the position of the faucet and the number of water you have poured into the cup.


Make different challenges to fill the cup as fast as possible. http://y8games.games/ suggest you the new games with different gaming tips and you can share this fun game with your friends so they also have the opportunity Relax in your spare time. The list of top players in the game is continually updated.


Get ready for the challenges and explore other worlds like Pocket Jump and Gold Train FRVR. Each game will tell you a story. That fun game will surely fascinate you to explore and learn different ways to accomplish your task. Get ready for the new journey today. 

Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Use your left mouse to draw the best path from the tap to the cup