Moto Maniac 2

As quickly as can, overcome all of the hurdles. This game on Y8 is a follow-up to Moto Maniac, however it takes place in a different setting. It's a bridge in the middle of the night this time. You must be careful not to fall into the abyss or hit your head because it is under construction. It's dark, on top of the hurdles in the path! Fortunately, you have a drone to help you navigate. As you attempt to accomplish another 20 levels in Moto Maniac, the frenzy returns. Jump on your bike and try not to crash before reaching the checkered flag at the conclusion of each level. In this insane online dirt bike racing adventure, try to complete each level as quickly as possible.

Interesting things are waiting for you ahead, so will you go to the end of the game? Good luck and have fun! If you love this game and want to play more word games, you can try Stormy Kicker. Check out at and you can find more exciting games.

Instruction to play:

Up (or W)/Down (or S) - Drive forward/backward Left (or A)/Right (or D) - Tilt left/right P - pause