Ludi Bubbles

Ludi bubbles is all about shooting colored bubbles games on will have access to a cannon capable of firing single charges. Your cannon has the ability to teleport. Examine the screen carefully. Put your cannon in front of bubbles that are the same color as your charge and fire. Your charge will collide with a group of objects, causing them to explode. You will be awarded a certain number of points in the Ludi Bubbles game for this, and you will continue to destroy the bubbles.

Not only does the game have an incredibly fun theme but you can also look forward to a cool design and a guide as the main character. It's the perfect chance to show off your knowledge and expertise in so many different subjects! Challenge yourself with more hard puzzle games like Knives Strikes at y8 games.

Instruction to play:

Tap the screen to shoot the current bubble.

Aim the cannon to shoot in the desired direction.