Bullet Shooter

Hello there, and welcome to Bullet man shooter on Y8 games is a man with a gun who tries to protect good people from bad people in the game, who are represented by the colors red and green. You must improve your shot to prevent losing the target while avoiding all obstacles. You'll have a lot of targets to hit and up to 51 levels to go through, each with its own set of challenges. Are you a capable shooter? Let's see how many foes you can annihilate with only a single ball or bullet. If you take the appropriate path, you can kill many foes and bosses with a single shot bullet. Show your buddies how to play gun shooting games by being a real shooter. If you play this game with your buddies, it's a lot of fun.

With addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, this game will bring you an unforgettable experience. Good luck! Challenge yourself to another level with Arena Fu. Have enjoy on https://y8games.games/!

Instruction to play:

Mouse Only