Pixel Battlegrounds.IO


Pixel Battlegrounds.io on Y8 games is a full-featured online battle royale with 3D visuals, crafting, and shooting that can be played in any major browser for free! To survive, look for weapons, shoot to kill, and stay in a safe spot. Can you defeat all of your opponents on the server and win the game?

Pixel Battlegrounds, unlike many other multiplayer browser games, will not boring you with unimaginative bare-bones aesthetics — instead, it will amaze you with beautifully crafted settings displayed in real time that you can explore from the first person perspective. In stark contrast to the firefights that are taking place all over the area, the landscapes are serene and peaceful.

Twenty players are dropped from planes onto a small island covered in short grass, trees, hills, and the odd building. The goal is to find a weapon as fast as possible and defend yourself or attack other players before they kill you. There are numerous lethal weapons to pick from, including machetes, hatchets, and various rifles. The map will eventually start to shrink, and you will need to stay in the safe zone or you will perish in seconds. Can you outwit your opponents and emerge as the winner of this battle royale? Play Pixel Battlegrounds.io to find out!

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Instruction to play:

WADS / Mouse or Touch