Chick Chicken Connect

Chick Chicken Connect is a classic and challenging puzzle game on y8 games. Connect 3 or more panels of the same type to clear them! Each time you connect, the number of turns will decrease! When the number of turns reaches 0, the game is over! There is a bomb that increases the number of turns if you connect a lot! You can save your Skill Gauge by erasing chickens, and your Fever Gauge by erasing chicks!

Online game players can share this game with friends to relax after every hour of work or study stress. In addition, we also update the latest games for online players worldwide to participate in their free time like Wordmeister or Bubble Pirates Mania. You will discover them and love this fight game. 

Instruction to play:

You can use the coins you earn from game play to level up and use items.

The number of moves and score will increase as you level up

You can erase blocks by connecting and tracing 3 or more of the same block.