Cards Keeper

Cards Keeper is the awesome turn-based card action game that you can play here on y8 2 player games. This is a turn-based battle system so plan your moves and tactics accordingly to make sure that you win the duel. In this game, you play for the different heroes you need to improve. There is really dark around you and you have to defend yourself. 


Play on brave heroes who can win all the fighting. It is a simple card system where one moves and one fights. You need to get a variety of awards, enhancements, and more during the game at kids y8 games. Try to improve your performance and kill enough opponents.


As you progress you will earn rewards which will upgrade your hero to make their abilities even stronger, you can also buy other characters with even more increased power levels. Have fun and good luck!


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Instruction to play:

Left click to attack. 

Hold left mouse button to see a card's information.