Pet Salon Doggy Days

Pet Salon Doggy Days game is opened! It's the coolest salon at game free y8 and this special salon takes care of many special customers. Can you guess who the customers are? That's right! Our customers are the cute dogs from the neighborhood. The owners of the dogs bring them to the salon for this week session. Let's start serving these cute dogs!

First, your task is to check which dog is first in line. You should check the information which includes his name, his breed. In this Y81player game, you will be able to meet many different breeds such as Pitbull, Labrador or Poodles. Then pick him up and start the session. Each dog will be given a warm bubble bath to clean the dirty fur. Take your time to clean up all the spots. Next, you need to dry the fur using the tower, air-blow it and comb it carefully to detangle all the knots.

Now as the dog is clean and happy, it's make-over time! It's important to choose the dog's fur color, as well as put on some add-ons such as clothes, hats, shoes, and neckties for a new appearance. Are you pleased with your work? If you do, don't forget to take a screenshot of the dog and continue with other games at like Mia Dentist Pepper and Anna Tattoo Studio 2

Instruction to play:

How to play: play the game with your mouse.