Puzzle Ball

Different paths will be created in the Puzzle Ball game. Where will be the most accurate path for the ball to move to the final destination and collect all three stars for each level? There are many different levels of difficulty that will increase later. You have enough information to adjust the blocks and assemble the path of the ball quickly. Different mounting methods will help you complete the task.


You only move the ball after you make the most accurate path in each level. y8 boys games put the player into the challenges of this game and create your own fun. You will probably enjoy solving puzzles that you will not be able to overcome if you do not have time to explore. Save some tips for you in this special game. Your friends will enjoy the new game if you share it with them and find out the last winner in the game with the most accurate route to the destination.


The balls will move in the new path that the player has found. Puzzle games are loved by players all over the world and you will be amazed at that. Different levels of play will bring many shapes.


Do not hesitate anymore to participate in this game and other puzzle games on the website like Solitaire Daily Challenge. Each game is uncovered and saved other tips. That you can refer if not find out the final answer. Join this game and pass all the levels that you know. 

Instruction to play:


Use your mouse to move the blocks as they move into new positions in the game