Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Follow the success of the first game, Cut The Rope is back with the limited version: Cut The Rope: Time Travel! The first version was a huge success and it attracted so many players around the world. Now you can continue the exploration with the cute frog at game y8 schools because we are offering this game online for free!

Time travel at Y8 free game is a fun journey of our beloved frog - Om Nom. It has fallen into a strange world in the past and its mission is to solve every puzzle to return to the present world. Om Nom will have the opportunity to meet many Om Noms from the past and discover many interesting things. New characters are not the only new features in this game. Players will get to experience new game tactics, new challenges and many difficult missions. This game is divided into different levels, so try your best to complete each level in the earliest time and win 3 stars.

To do this, you need to find the exact rope that you can cut and bring back the candy. The difficulty will be increased continuously after each level at You should think and calculate carefully as there is not a time limit. Show us your intelligence and ability.

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Instruction to play:

How to play? Use your left mouse to cut the rope in the game.