Relax Slicer

Relax Slicer is no doubt your new therapy for a long day at work, with the 3D realistic graphics, amazing gameplay with increasing difficulty. Get your hands on this game at Y8 games new game to freely enjoy the soothing effect of each slice and the overall relaxation of a chopping-themed game. The first one to overcome a level shall be the one to successfully slice through a block as shown on the screen 3 times.

There are three blank stars on the top of the screen and it signifies when you finish the level and can move next. Keep the work of cutting going on constantly to get three stars as fast as possible. The players need to smash the objects regardless of the size and shape with this laser shredder. The time limitation for each task will be 12 seconds top, which means that if you fail to chop it off before the clock runs out, you will fail the match.

Time is one of the most challenging elements of this game from, as well as the number of moves that it takes for you to complete 3 stars. As long as you can move on to the other object, you have completed that task. All games are sequenced, don't stop playing!

Do the best of your ability to make sure that the game goes on smoothly and enjoy the relaxation of chopping down the pieces one by one. Don't forget that you can tap on tons of other games with various themes and unique gameplay that you have never imagined before with some good options such as Marbles Garden or Puppy Blast Lite ! 

Instruction to play:

Move using the WASD and E, Q keys, move the camera using the right mouse,

rotate using the R key, and shoot the laser using the spacebar.