Play Lordz.io on Y8 Online games! Assemble the biggest army ever! Pick up gold to buy soldiers or build houses to increase population limit, but don't forget to protect them with towers. Welcome to Online Medieval Warfare! Lordz.io is totally free and requires no registration!

Lordz io is a great example of io games combination into a unique game experince. Grow your army to beat all these rude opponents!

Lordz.io is a cool .io game about the clash of medieval lords! You play as a lonely lord. Start out by collecting gold coins around the map. Use the gold to summon a units, ranging from soldiers to mighty dragons. Build houses to increase your population limit and protect them with towers. Keep building and manage your army to dominate the area!

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  • Build up a massive army
  • Straightforward gameplay, collect gold and summon your units
  • You need to attack others while defending your base
  • Fullscreen mode available

Instruction to play:

  • Move your mouse to control the lord
  • E to build house
  • R to build tower
  • T to summon soldier
  • Y to summon knight
  • U to summon archer
  • I to summon barbarian
  • O to summon dragon
  • Space bar to split army