Highway Squad

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a police officer? Now you can fulfill your dream by playing Highway Squad at Y8game online game for free. In this game, you will become a police officer in the Highway Squad to chase and capture the criminals that are running away.

Let's hit the track and complete your missions now! First, in order to catch up with the criminals, let's choose a new car that has a great speed. Game y8y8 provides you with many different latest models of car. A tip for you is that choosing the suitable car is also an important factor in winning the game, so take your time to check them out and pick out the one that you like. Then let's join your team and hit the tracks. Step on the gas and speed up in time to catch up with the opponents, but remember to slow down when it comes to the slippery and bumpy roads.

The game itself is quite difficult to win as you have to use many buttons on the keyboard at the same time to control the car. However, there's no doubt that you will get through thanks to your flexibility and your observation skill. After you complete enough missions, you can even upgrade your car to compete at the higher levels! This sounds like fun!

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Instruction to play:

Use the keyboard to control.