Soccertastic World Cup 2018

Soccertastic World Cup 2018 is an online sports game which is created for fans of football. This is the soccer simulation game of y8 wonderful games that you can perform many beautiful penalties and help your team become champion in World Cup 2018?


In this fascinating penalty kick game, you have to perform as many penalties as possible to gain the highest score. You are in the yard and there are many viewers cheering you. Kick the ball to the net and score. The goalkeeper is standing in front of the goal and he is always willing to catch your ball. You need to act fast and grab the chance to trick him and lead the ball to the net in y8 sports games.

When you get enough points, you will level up and your points for each time you score will also increase. For instance, firstly, in level 1, you get 10 points for each time hitting the ball to the goal and when you complete 5 times, you level up to level 2 and get 20 points for each time getting the ball to the net.

Besides, as you progress, a green target appears on the goal, if you hit the ball to it, you can gain the highest score such as 100 or 200 points. The playing time is limited and you have to score as many goals as possible within 90 seconds. Try your best to give the power and nice curve to fool the goalkeeper and ball hit the right direction.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play!