Stunt Mania 3d

Stunt Mania 3d is an online racing game which you can play on y8 games for free. You are a big fan of speed and you want to challenge yourself in the difficult race but you are afraid of causing an accident? Don’t worry, come in this game and you will have the best feeling of speed and racing. You are allowed to make the dangerous stunts which you can’t do in the real life.

Before playing, select your favorite mode between stunt city and race mode. Each of them has its own unique features and attraction and I suggest that you should try out both of them.

In the stunt city mode, you become a female racer and you are free to drive your bike to explore the city. There is no one but you in the street of y8 games online, thus, you just have to avoid the obstacles such as the buildings, traffic lamps, and so on. This mode has no rule, just speed up, feel the speed and go through the roads. Before playing, you can choose your favorite vehicle from a collection of modern racing bikes with the different design and color. Don’t climb the top of the mountain or you will fall into the sea and don’t crash the building in the streets. However, when you get injured, you can replay the game immediately.

In the race mode, you have to compete with many bikers. Try to race as fast as you can in the crowded street without hitting other people in order not to get hurt. Besides, you can also use your weapon to attack the opponents if you want. Are you ready to challenge your driving skill with this game? Balance your bike well to become a master racer!

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Instruction to play:

Use 2 to accelerate with more power, WASD or arrow keys to ride, P to pause, and C to toggle reverse.