Super Dino Fighter

You have played a lot of puzzle games and want to explore one of the best puzzle games at y8 juegos named Super Dino Fighter. There are many different robots with details from legs, hands, head to wings, etc. They all make the perfect robot and the best. You will feel some extremely difficult parts during the assembly process. However, the player can concentrate on the number of details appearing in each turn is very little.


They will appear in order after the player has completed their quest. y8 kids games update this puzzle game for lovers. If you love the robot, you can start this perfect game with the simplest ones. Each part of the robot will have a different shape that you certainly cannot confuse with other parts. If you make a mistake, start over by dragging them to another position of the image.


In addition, bhelp players from all over the world to play games without being bothered by ads or other factors. You are ready for your challenge with the different robots and conquer all of them with the fastest time.


Share your favorite game friends and see who's the winner. Your time will be calculated based on the clock in the bottom corner of the screen. Other interesting puzzle games in this game like Justice League Nuclear Rescue. Get ready for new games at our website now.

Instruction to play:


Click and hold the left mouse button to drag the robot's parts to the picture until you select the most accurate position, then release the mouse button