Veggie Slicer

Inspired by Fruit Ninja, Veggie Slicer online game at 2 player games y8 brings you an enjoyable experience which helps you relax and put your mind in peace. If you stuck in traffic jam for hours, get a bad mark, get scold by your boss and something else, you want to release your anger, then this game is a perfect choice for you. 


Enter the one you want to play first. Releasing your anger productively by cutting tons of vegetables into thousands of pieces until you feel better. Basically, in every mode, your objective is to cut as much vegetable as possible without missing a single one or you lose a score. If you slide more than 3 vegetables, you will get a combo that gives you an extra point. Don't forget to avoid bombs.


Here at y8 free game, Special mode and Epic mode also offers some special items that help you earn more points. There are many interesting points in this game that are different from other games. Cut down on different types of fruit to make a delicious fruit for your shop. Try to make a record in all of 3 modes. You can compete against your friends to add more fun to your experience. Enjoy the game. 


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Instruction to play:


Use the mouse to slice.