Scribble Party

Most of us enjoy drawing and coloring as a kid, but due to the limited time in the week, we can't continue the hobby and don't have enough time to draw and color. Now at game, you can enjoy drawing online anytime and everywhere thanks to Scribble Party.

This game is really fun as you can interact with hundreds of other players around the world and collaborate to make the most beautiful drawing. You can choose from a range of different categories to start the game. When it's your turn, you must draw pictures and shapes relating to the chosen word of your category. Then the other players will guess the word. Moreover, if you haven't found the desired category in Y8's collection, just simply create a new one.

There are lots of tools and colors in the palette for you to choose from. This is such a fun multiplayer drawing game in which you must work with or against other players around the world to guess what they are drawing! Spread your imagination to guess as many words as possible and gain the highest scores. Players will draw one by one in turns so remember to be patient. Let's have fun, try out your drawing skills and see how good your guessing game is!

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Instruction to play:

Choose and draw with your left mouse.