Alien Hunter 2

Do you remember the game Alien Hunter 1? This time we have brought back this exciting game and added some twists and new challenges to create the new version: Alien Hunter 2.

In the near future, most of the cities from will be under attacked by many scary aliens and beasts. The world is facing extinction so you will be our hero and come to the rescue. So what are the tasks that you need to fulfill? Unfortunately, you are the only survivor on your space station.

You are alone with no support and no partner. Yet there is a very important task for you. In order to rescue others, first, you need to break out of the station that is filled with aliens. All you get to use is your gun and your flexibility to outrun, avoid and destroy the enemies along the way.

There are some differences from the first version of Alien Hunter that Y8game developed before. The aliens and beasts from this new game are much more intelligent, they have the stronger firepower and they have many special abilities. But don't worry! Your characters will also be equipped with new weapons and game y8 1 player also improves his speed.

Prepare to challenge your skills and come to have some fun with this game and others such as Block Pixel Cops .

Instruction to play:

Move the character with arrow keys, shoot with the space bar, or you can play with your mouse.