Trash Toss Paper Flings

Trash Toss Paper Flings is a fun game focus on the accuracy. You have made a paper ball and throw it from your position to the dush bin without walking close, right? Waste paper toss in the dustbin can be an interesting help you relax when you are under the stress of work or homework when you have to do an assignment but no word comes out. Cheer yourself up with this exciting game.

At y8 games 1, your main objective is to throw as many paper balls as you can to the dush bin. Play in different environments including restaurant, classroom, library and scenic garden. The only factor impact on your performance is the wind. You should check the strength and direction of the wind to adjust the strength and the direction of the throw. If you bypass this factor, you never earn any point. Throw the first paper ball as the example and adjust your shot accurately later. The distance from you to the trash can in each environment is different. Make sure you use enough force to throw the paper ball.

How many paper balls can you throw successfully? Are they in or out the trash can? On y8 player, you can invite your friend to play with you to add more fun. Just turn the game into a flick paper ball competition and check out who plays better. This is a simple game but fun enough to make your day. Enjoy other choices of the game available on our site whenever you want. You can find tons of different options here. Check out Ultimate Dunk Hoop and Be A Pong

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to throw a paper ball.