Monster Adventure

Monster Adventure is one of the famous puzzle adventure games that you can play on y8 games online for free with no registration. Because it is an HTML game, it is playable in the browsers or touch device (smartphone, Ipad, Tablet). The little monster goes to another world to take an adventure. He is excited and eager but he also feels anxious when he comes in this world because the journey is full of difficulties and challenges. Thus, he needs your help to overcome plenty of obstacles and finish the trip.

You must control the monster to move in the platforms. These platforms have the different heights. Jump from one platform to another one but you must be careful in order not to fall down. There are 3 types of platforms in y8 games for kids: the yellow platform is permanent, the brown one can disappear after many seconds and the purple one is your destination.

Hurry up to jump when you are standing on the platforms or you will die. As you progress and come in the higher levels, you meet many evil monsters which will harm you if you touch them. Thus, stay away from them and find out the safest way to reach the destination and unlock the next level.

In addition to this, each level contains three stars and you should collect them all from level to level. They are scattered on the screen, you have to move wisely to collect them. Attempt to conquer all the levels of the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move.