Jump Box Hero

Jump Box Hero is the newest puzzle game on y8 best games. It allows you to play for free on both browsers such as chrome and safari and smartphone or tablet like iPhone, iPad or Samsung with no registration. You will play in a rectangle platform and it will change its color like red, blue, green, violet and yellow in each time playing.

The rule play of this puzzle game is simple but not easy. Sometimes, you feel it’s difficult to overcome because the obstacles move constantly. Your mission is to control the black block jump higher and higher and avoid the harmful objects. There are many rectangle bars with the pointed triangles budge continuously from 2 sides. You have to avoid touching them or you will lose and don’t have another chance.

The traps appear with a thick density. Thus, you have to pay high attention to overcome them. Keep your block jumping at all time, if you ignore, it will drop and touch the harmful bars. Each time you pass one trap, you will get one point. Thus, the higher you jump, the more scores you can get. You can see your current score and the record on the screen after you finish the adventure.

Do your best to jump highest and set a record.

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Instruction to play:

Tap or click to jump.