Catch The Cat

Catch The Cat is an online game which you can play for free in y8 puzzle games. This game allows you to play on web browsers such as chrome or safari and tablets or smartphones (Samsung, Window phone, iPhone, iPad) without no registration. With the eye-catching graphics and the unique rule play, I bet that you will be impressed by this game.

You will play in a square shape which contains a large number of small circles and your mission in y8 intelligent games is to arrest the black cat by clicking the dots to form a circle and cover the cat. Use your logical thinking to make a wise plan to control the cat’s movement.  Close its way and don’t let it reach the outer dots or you lose the game. Then, you can replay the game immediately.

In the beginning, you are prepared from 4 to 8 dots in the unstable location. Take advantage of them to make a circle easier. As you click one dot, its color will turn into dark. The place is quite large and the cat can go anywhere. Thus, it seems difficult for you to win the game. Be careful and think carefully before clicking because the game doesn’t limit your playing time.

Just click and control the cute cat! Prove your talent by getting the victory in this puzzle game.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to click the dots.