Gear Escape

Gear Escape is an online game that you can play on y8 amazing games for free. Gear Escape is an industrial style game which tests your reflexion ability and if you want to improve your reflexion skills, let’s practice this game. It is the adventure of the little man with a pumpkin head, he loses his way in a dangerous place full of gears. He is so worried and he needs your help to guide him the way out.

The only way is to jump between gears. The distance between 2 gears is different and they always rotate. In addition to this, the speed is also different. Many gears swivel slowly but others slew faster. Thus, you must pay the highest attention and find out the most suitable moment to click and let the pumpkin-head person jump. All you need to notice is that jump at the proper time to reach the next gear and don't fall down in the side place. Furthermore, you really need to concentrate and maybe a little lucky to get a high score in y8 games online.

Each time you jump, you gain one point. It means that the higher you jump, the more points you gain. However, there will be acid water flooding at the bottom, and each time you jump, the water level is up a bit. You need to avoid touching the acid or you die, sometimes you see the items which can make the water level down a bit. Touch these helpful items to pick them. Attempt to set a record!

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Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to jump.