Flippy Knife Online 1

Would you like to release the stress by throwing knives at the board? Flippy Knife Online is a simulation game in which the players need to complete levels with the required scores by throwing knives at the wooden board below. As you successfully throw it at the board, you will gain score and the result is recorded immediately.

You can adjust the speed by holding down the left mouse button for a long time. Your power at throwing knives will also flip it and the knife will be plunged into the wood. As a result, the harder you throw, the more scores you earn. Your task is to gain as many scores as possible to write your name on the Leaderboard. This challenging game at Y8 game online is loved by many players from around the world.

More knives will be unlocked at the next level with different strength and speed. You can choose a knife to test the flexibility and power. Games y8 also has other games in this genre like Sir Knight and Red Light Green Light.

If you have a lot of free time, explore all the best games involving the knife and see the highest score you can make. We always update the latest games in the game collection to bring fun playtime to the players.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Hold down the left mouse button to increase or decrease the power when you throw the knife in different directions.