Angela Tom Baby Feeding

Now, Angela and Tom have a cute baby, please help them take care of their baby in the night. The baby is hungry so you must bottle feed him some delicious warm milk, wrap him in a cozy blanket and cuddle him. When the adorable baby starts crying, you need to cheer him up with a cute toy and start redecorating the room. A colorful room with pictures of his family will help the baby relax and fall sleep right away.

Another super cute game for girls on Y8Games Online. Background game is the new Angela and Tom's family has the appearance of a baby. They were very stiff and embarrassed to take care of this baby. And you are the savior of them, you help them take care of this baby, from the baby crying, baby milk, changing baby diapers. All that work is yours. Let's go tomorrow to become parents

How to Play Angela and Tom Baby Feeding

Use your mouse to play this game

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Instruction to play: