Maze Runner 3d Cards Hunt 2018

Maze Runner 3d Cards Hunt 2018 is an online game that you can play on y8y8 games online for free. The maze is such a fun thing for those who love it. You are astray in a complex maze which contains many dangerous traps. In order to get out of this maze, you have to take part in the 3d cards hunting adventure. Collect all the required cards to find the way out.

You are standing on the start line of the maze. There are many roads in front of you, but you must make a smart choice in order to go to the cards and catch them. you can see the minimap on the corner of the screen. Your location is also displayed on it, find the right way which can lead you to the cards, don’t choose the road with no way out in y8 games for school.

In each level, you must complete the different mission in a certain amount of time. For example, in level 1, you must find out 3 diamond cards firstly, then pick the character card to finish the duty. In level 3, the request is collecting 4 diamond cards and after that, finding the Mystry Box. You must finish all the requirements in sequence. The required time is 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Act fast, make a wise plan to conquer the game.

Besides, you must watch out the obstacles, blades, and cutters because they are deadly and unpredictable. We have prepared over thirty challenges for you, try to collect enough objects to unlock the next challenge.

We are very happy if you leave your feedback and assessment for us. Remember to share the game with your friends to see who can conquer more levels. How about you try out more games on Extreme Car Drift and Bus Driver Simulator.


Instruction to play:

Use WSAD to move and use the mouse to choose items.