Color Magnets

Color Magnets is the awesome 2-player arcade game which you can play on y8 games online for free. This is an adventure game that allows you to explore the beautiful and mysterious land. Your mission in this game is to navigate through levels as polar opposite magnets.

In 2 first levels, you will take control of one of two characters: the blue or the red one but from level 3, you need to control both of them at the same time, so that you can play the game with your friend. One of you will be upside down whilst the other will be on the top side. You must make sure that no one gets left behind and run fast or both of them are left behind and you lose the game in y8 adventure games.

When going, to reach the end of the level successfully, you need to jump over obstacles such as the boxes or the platforms. Teamwork is very important so you must stay together to succeed. In addition to this, you can see many stars suspended on the way. Try to collect all of the stars to increase your high score.

After reaching each destination, you will unlock the next level. We prepare you with 18 different levels. Enjoy this cool duet-platformer game and have fun!

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Instruction to play: