Afterlife: The Game

Afterlife: The Game is an online puzzle game which allows you to play for free on y8 games for kids. In the previous installment named Life: The Game, you progressed through life and your last life is gone and in this version, you become a wandering ghost but you haven’t come to the heaven yet because you have many mission to do, and after completing a range of necessary abilities, you can fulfill your wish.

The game features a collection of fun and hilarious minigames and each of them is equivalent to a different mission. Your tasks take place in both the ghost world and the real world. The first one is to dodge all the obstacles when you are wandering. The impediments are the poisonous trees, the spiders or other objects while flying in the sky in y8 wonderful games.

Then, you have the chance to meet your wife who is sitting on the chair and knitting. Many bad things and bad man including the bad man, shit, hedgehog, knife are going to harm her, so you must try your best to protect her.

The next task is to revenge your enemies and interact with other ghosts in the spirit world. After doing a range of challenging duties, you will take part in a happy party with your friends and even register in many competitions to gain the championship. When the party ends, you stand between 2 roads: one leads you to the heaven and one brings you to the hell. Choose the right way and you complete the game.

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Instruction to play:

Click the mouse to play.