Fallout Racer

Fallout Racer is an online truck game that you can play for free on y8 racing games. Because it is an HTML game, you can play it every time in both browsers and touch devices. The nuclear catastrophe destroyed our earth and left it in ruins. You are the last survivor in the world, so you must keep yourself alive and escape from this thrilling area.

You drive your large truck through the rubble. The ground full of obstacles such as the wooden box, the winding roads, even the big containers and so on. You must overcome all of them safely to save your life and go to the light. The obstacles appear suddenly with the thick density. That requires you to balance your truck in y8 games for free wisely.

You can see the health bar on the corner of the screen. It is 100% at first. If you are careless, your vehicle will flip and your health bar decrease a little bit. Whenever this bar runs out, you lose your life immediately and have to play again this level. However, this bar can be filled again if you do well in your process.

Attempt to conquer the levels one by one to be able to unlock the higher level. The further you go, the more challenges you get. Thus, you must move wisely to live longer.

In addition to this, there are a variety of the water bottles on the road, try to collect them as many as possible to enhance your score. The playing time is counted on the top of the screen. Finish your mission in the shortest time to gain the bonus point.

Tell us how many levels you can get in the comment box behind.

Rate the game 5 stars if you find it exciting. Invite your friends to conquer the game together. Play more games like Turbotastic and Racing Cars at http://y8games.games/.

Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys to control the truck.