Fruit Gardener

Fruit Gardener is an online fruit game that you can play on y8 funny games for free. After a long time growing and taking care of the garden, as a fruit farmer, it’s time for you to enjoy your achievement. Your mission in the game is to harvest the fruits and put the different fruits into the right baskets.

The fruits in the garden are ripe and you should harvest them before they drop and make a mess. There are 4 types of fruits in your garden: apple, pear, plum, and apricot. However, in many first levels, you just have to deal with the apples and pear. After that, in level 5, you can unlock the plum basket and then the apricot is unlocked in level 10 in y8 games for kids.

You are on a table which is divided into 4 lanes. There is a basket below each line. The fruits are appearing from the bottom and then they drop into the basket. However, each basket just contains one type of fruit. The first basket contains apples, the next one has pears, the third one is used for plum, and the last one contains apricot.

Your mission is to change the lane of the fruits for them to drop into the right basket. For each fruit dropping into the right place, you gain many points. Besides, if the fruit falls into the wrong place, you lose many points and even 5 seconds. You have to complete your mission in 2 minutes. Try your best to harvest as many fruits as possible.

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Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play.