Moana's Baby Twins Birth

Moana is preparing to give birth to her beautiful twins! Ready to explore Moana's Baby Twins Birth at Y8 girls game right away! This is really important and Moana has been planning for her babies' birth ever since when she found out that she's pregnant.

However, she didn't expect the moment to come so early. So you'll come to the rescue and make sure that everything is fine. You can show your birth care and lots of medical skills by joining this Y8Y8 game. First, you need to make sure that Moana feels comfortable and help her relieve the pain. You can accomplish this task by getting her husband to entertain her, giving her oxygen to stop the pain or bringing her a cup of water. Then when she arrives at the hospital, it’s your job to wait until the babies are born.

When they do, please bring all of them home and continue taking care of them. When the babies come home, you will have to take care of her babies as well, because they will both need good medical care after the surgery. You’ll need to keep a record of their weight, clean them up, change the baby’s diapers, tuck them in the blanket to keep her warm. It’s a lot of responsibility but such a fun job.

Moana's Baby Twins Birth is one of many fun games to play and share with your friends at for free. Let’s join more with Coco Choice and The Secret Sea Collection! We hope that you’ll love the beautiful Moana and enjoy this game.

Instruction to play:

Instruction: Use the mouse to interact and help Moana.