Whack 'em All

Whack 'em All is an online game that you can play on y8 funny games for free. The rule of the game is very simple but it is not so easy for you to conquer due to its fast-pace. You must act fast and correctly. Let’s grab the chance to practice your reflexion skills and have fun!

You are in the garden, the mice destroy the crops and you have to eliminate them to protect the garden. You can see 9 holes in the field, they create a square. There are many types of mice and each of them cost a different amount of money. The least price is 10 points, then, you can get 20, 30,40,60 points for each mouse and the highest price is 80 points. These mice have the different but humorous and cute appearance in y8 best games online.

You possess a hammer, use it to attack the mice and get money. The mice go up from the holes few seconds and then they disappear. You must grab the chance to hit the mice with a hammer before they go down. They appear suddenly on the sudden holes that you can’t guess. Take a careful look at the fields and act immediately when you see them.

Besides, you should watch out in order not to hit the bombs because you will lose 200 points each time you make a mistake. The game limits your playing time in 1 minute. You must hit as many mice as you can to gain the highest score.

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Instruction to play:

Click mouse to hit.