Ironing Kids Clothes

Moms are always busy because there are so many things to do to care for the baby. Today, you will experience a day of a mother at Ironing Kids Clothes. The babies usually roll around and play so their clothes are dirty. You will do the laundry for the mother in this Y8 games 2018.

So, what is the order of the work? First, it's really important to categorize the clothes into two types: the white ones and the colored ones. Separate them carefully because misplacing the white shirts will change their colors. So pay attention to do this task correctly. Second, put the baskets into the washing machine one by one. Then put in the detergent and the fabric conditioner to make the clothes soft.

With Y8 games online, you just need to follow the instructions in the game if you haven't tried out the game before. Continue with the cleaning when the clothes are clean. It's time to iron them. Be careful so as not to burn the clothes. When the clothes are neat and tidy, the baby will be happy! If you still haven't been able to remember all the steps, just play this Y8 girls game many times.

There are many cleaning games such as Talking Tom Funny Time and Dotted Girl Coloring Book. All games are available at for free. Therefore, don't hesitate and check them out now!

Instruction to play:

How to play: interact with your mouse.