Galactic Alien Mars

Galactic Alien Mars is science-fiction multiplayer first-person shooter game which you can play on y8 games online for free. The game takes you to the battle between the soldiers and the aliens. The aliens are attacking the world with the ambition of dominating the earth and the soldiers are trying to kill the enemies to save the planet. You are allowed to choose to become a soldier or an alien.

Choose your position and enter the arena. You are equipped 2 guns: SMG and sniper and you can switch the gun whenever you want. Go around the field, find the enemies, shoot at them to kill them. Watch out! Don’t make a mistake to attack your teammates. For each time you slay your opponents, you earn points for your team. The game of y8 kid games has 3 modes for you to select: Martian Wars, Survivor Battle, and Zombie Survival. Each mode brings you to a different map with a different terrain.

After choosing the mode, join a room or you can create your own room. Each room has up to 12 players and each level has a time limit, and the team with the most points will win. If you are careless and let the enemies shoot you, you die but you can respawn in many seconds and continue the match. Try your best to kill as many opponents as you can to win the game.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to shoot, right click to scope-up, R to reload, Spacebar to jump, Shift to run, and Tab to open the menu.