Tap My Water

Tap My Water is an online puzzle game which allows you to play on y8 intellectual games for free. It is an HTML game, so you can play on both browsers (safari, chrome) and smart devices (Samsung, iPhone, iPad, Window phones, Android devices). Your mission in the game is just to lead the water from the start to the other end by changing the position of pipes. However, it is not easy because there is a variety of pipes for you to deal with.

There are 3 kinds of pipes: the green one can be rotated to change direction, the red one can't be moved, and the orange one can be switched position with the other orange pipe behind it. These pipes intersperse. You must take a careful look and connect these pipes to create an agglutinate pipeline for the water can run from the water tap to the bottle in y8 wonderful games!

There is a time bar on the right of the screen. This bar increases gradually, as you pass one level, it decreases a little bit. Whenever this bar is full, you lose the game. When you progress, the level is becoming more and more challenging. You should not waste your time, make full use of it to conquer each mission. You gain points after you complete a level. Hope you can get a high score. Have fun!

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to play.