Pet Subway Surfers

Do you know the game Subway Surfers? It's a simulation game in which you will control the character to move through the obstacles in the subway. Y8 kids game has a similar game with many new twists and new features. It's Pet Subway Surfers! Instead of a boy, your character is a cute rabbit!

This is the first time the rabbit has come to the city. In his first time, he is curious about everything, therefore, he wants to break free to explore the city. Can you help him to outrun the guard? Let's escape the cage to go on an adventure and explore the outside world! Your task is to run as fast as you can avoid being captured, but at the same time, you need to collect all the stars and tools on your path.

Keep in mind that for each tool you collect, you will be rewarded with a special feature. For example, if you collect the shoes, you will be able to increase your speed for a few seconds. There will be many boosters at the beginning of each level as well. You can choose to start a level with a key, a hoverboard, a mystery box and so on. These boosters will assist you to overcome the obstacles.

Run, jump and collect all items for free! If you like running games, come and play Santa Street Run and Jet Boat Racing.

Instruction to play:

How to play: move with arrow keys.