Jump Boy Jump

Jump Boy Jump is a great infinite adventure game which has just been added to the collection at y8 free games online. The endless games are the most suitable ones for a relaxing time after the long day. In Jump Boy Jump, you will set off on a new adventure with the little boy to the jungle.

It's the chance to explore the jungle world and enjoy the nature and the scenery. From the name of the free y8 game, can you guess what the concept is? You're correct! Your task is to control your character and jump to avoid all the pits and spikes on your path. Can you see that there are many coins placed randomly as well? Those coins are crucial for the ranking at the end of the game, so make sure to collect as many as you can.

The game is categorized as an endless game, which means that the path is endless and the game only ends when your character is trapped in the pits or poked by the sharp spikes. The gameplay is simple and easy to grasp, therefore, it's the game for both adults and children. Such a game with cute graphics, the vivid scenery and clear settings has gained the attention of many players from all around the world.

It's available online at http://y8games.games, so don't hesitate to check them out now! For more adventure games, check out Trezesnwboard and Speedplay World Soccer 3

Instruction to play:

Click with your left mouse to jump.