Sniper Clash 3D

Prepare to tackle the top girl shooters from Sniper Clash 3D, a new gaming selection specialized for the girls here at y8 games! Even girls can dominate the toughest shooting games ever. Would you like to join the battle between these professionals and learn how to shoot? The ultimate goal is to take down the other players in a one-on-one shooting battle. There is only one winner per match, so do your best to stay alive.

The game has a first-person point of view, which creates a realistic feeling and makes it easier for the beginners to grasp the basic movements of it. There is also a special full-screen option in this game at y8 game new that brings the most intense experience. Just follow the sight that you see, search every nook and cranny to find the opponents. Then, use the binocular that is provided for free to aim at him or her. Don't press the trigger until you have the best shot. If you miss, the other players will find out about your location using the bullet lines, so be careful! This shooting game is designed specifically for girls with the best 3D graphics and pretty characters.

Not only will you learn how to survive in an intense war but your aiming technique will enhance greatly as well. Don't miss out on other great gaming options like Kardashians Graduation and Let's Kill Jane The Killer


Instruction to play:

Move using WASD keys, crouch with the C key, shoot and view using the left mouse.