HexSweep.io is a multiplayer .io game y8 in which you can play minesweeper against hundreds of other players online! Everyone loves the classic Windows game of minesweeper and this fantastic .io game allows you to do it on a large scale. Each player controls their own section of the map and must expand this section by correctly identifying blanks spaces or mines.

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If you are certain a hexagonal space is blank simply left click in it to identify it as such – if you are correct the surrounding hexagons will expand. To identify a hexagon as a mine, simply right click on it – this will mark the hexagon with a flag. If you incorrectly identify a hexagon and it happens to be a mine, it will explode and you have to restart the game y8 free! Work fast and try to conquer the hexsweep arena!

Are you a big fan of the classic game Minesweeper? if the answer is yes, let me introduce you, our new multiplayer online game, Hexsweep.io. hexsweep is an amazing game that combines minesweeper and multiplayer game. The basic operate is just like traditional minesweeper, but you can drag to move around, mark your place and try to occupy as much as you can. Have fun at http://y8games.games!


  • Real-time battle with other players
  • Other players can eat your hexagons, but you can always take them back

Instruction to play:

  • Left click to reveal a hexagon
  • Right click to mark with flag