Watercraft Rush

Watercraft Rush is an online game that you can play on y8 kid games for free. The summer is coming, so the water sports are becoming popular. In this game, you will spend your free time with the watercraft and have fun in many beautiful race tracks.

It is your mission to race against the time and meet the end line. You should have the good driving skills to control your vehicle well in the sea. Your track is limited by 2 lines which are made of many balls. There are many obstacles in the way such as the balls or your opponents. Try your best in order not to crush anything. If you hit the ball, the ball is explosive and your speed is slow down. Besides, you also need to be careful when you turn your direction and if you crash on something will decrease your speed to 0 in y8 games for school.

The game has 3 worlds for you to enjoy such as the river near the crowded city, the river near the forest and so on. However, you need to complete each area to unlock the next one. In each world, you have 3 different tracks and each of them has a required time. For instance, in track 1, you have to finish your duty and reach the goal in 1 minute and 25 seconds, and the time in level 2 is 1 minute and 35 seconds. You also need to overcome level 1 to unlock level 2. You just have to drive on your track, otherwise, you can only drive really slow, you won't get the goal in time if you do that too much.

Try your best to discover the new beautiful tracks!

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to control the watercraft.